About Inspire

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Our Mission

Inspire Collaborative Health Association (ICHA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that bridges the healthcare gap by creating a community for Medical Providers and Alternative Practitioners to come together. We offer a conduit for the communication and cooperation of our growing network of health professionals, thus giving the public a reliable resource to pursue their health the way they want with the support they need and offering better-individualized wellness recommendations.

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Our goal is to provide our community with a go-to health resource where they can connect with a variety of reputable medical providers and alternative health practitioners they can trust. By bringing together a group of open-minded and qualified healthcare professionals, we can help facilitate collaborations between health specialties to make each patient or client not only feel heard, but start them on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Solutions For All

Access to unlimited health options and reliable resources is something sought after by patients and professionals alike. With our growing network of receptive professionals, anyone can connect with their desired speciality of choice while receiving support and understanding.

Network, collaborate, and grow with qualified individuals from a variety of fields in both conventional and complementary medicine.

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Why Inspire


The inception of Inspire Collaborative Health Association started in the spring of 2021, guided by the passion and experience of Allison Beninato. Drawing from an extensive 23-year background in western medicine clinics, Allison seamlessly integrates her 10-year involvement in alternative medicine. As a Board Certified Naturopath, Certified Clinical Herbalist, holder of a degree in Applied Science Health Information Management, a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and the owner of a Medical Billing Company, Allison brings a wealth of knowledge and a balanced perspective to the table.

Through years of dedicated work, study, and application in both conventional and complementary medicine, Allison witnessed firsthand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Recognizing that these worlds are more effective together, she was also aware of the significant gap that existed between them. Motivated by the increasing demand for solutions, Allison engaged on a journey of research and problem-solving, seeking innovative ways to bridge the healthcare gap and access the best of both worlds.

Her relationships with medical providers seeking reputable alternative health practitioner referrals and alternative health practitioners seeking open-minded medical providers highlighted the growing demand for an integrated approach. Additionally, the general public echoed this sentiment, expressing a need for professionals who could navigate both worlds cohesively. Out of these insights, Allison envisioned an association that would serve three distinct demographics simultaneously: medical providers, alternative practitioners, and the community.

After presenting her idea in June 2021 to multiple professionals, Allison received unanimous support and encouragement. By August, Inspire Collaborative Health Association was well on its way to official development, ultimately filing as a 501(c)3 by January 2022.

Finally, in May 2022, the association launched—a platform where having to choose between conventional or alternative health is rendered obsolete. Instead, ICHA embraces a multifaceted view of health, recognizing that different approaches can complement each other. Inspire Collaborative Health Association now stands as the first and only multidimensional health association in the country. 

We Are Where All Health Roads Connect. 

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises dedicated volunteer professionals from diverse specialties and backgrounds, united by a shared commitment to our mission and vision. Currently, we have opportunities for individuals who align with our passion and mission to join our board. With decades of combined experience, our board members collaborate to fulfill our association’s mission.  If you share our vision and have expertise to offer, we invite you to reach out about potentially joining our board and contributing to our cause.

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Allison Beninato



  Allison has 22 years of experience in conventional medicine and 9 years in alternative health. She is the CEO and founder of three health-related businesses, including Inspire Healthcare Solutions (a medical billing company), Inspire Natural Health (a health consulting company), and Inspire Collaborative Health Association (a nonprofit health association). With an unwavering passion for all facets of healthcare and a keen problem-solving drive, Allison has engaged in insightful conversations with individuals nationwide. Recognizing a shared desire and demand that mirrors the inception of ICHA in Nebraska, Allison and the ICHA Leadership team are working towards scaling Inspire Collaborative Health Association. The goal is to establish it as the nation’s first and only multidimensional health association, addressing diverse needs and fostering collaborative solutions on a broader scale.

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Theresa Nelson

Vice President


Theresa is Executive Director at Nebraska Ataxia with experience in leadership positions for the last 10 years in both large and small nonprofit organizations, in addition to over 10 years of experience in human resources and organizational development. A graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has been in or around the healthcare industry throughout her almost thirty-year professional career.  With a passion for learning and development, she has been honored to be adjunct faculty for both the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Creighton University.  

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Rhonda Bishop



Rhonda Bishop has over 25 years of auditing, consulting, and financial experience which includes process analysis & internal controls, forensic accounting, and national training.  She is a certified public accountant with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from Washington State University and a Master’s degree from Adams State University.  Rhonda’s experience consists of external audits, business consulting services, and internal financial positions.  Her experience spans public accounting, private industry, and nonprofit organizations in a variety of industries in both large international and local firms and private industry.

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Vanessa Mitera


With over a decade of experience as a compliance regulator in the government sector, Vanessa has mastered the complexities of regulatory environments. A proud alumna of Nebraska Methodist College and the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), she has enriched her background with nearly a decade of medical field education, highlighting her dedication to lifelong learning. Beyond her governmental duties, Vanessa is the founder and owner of a dynamic branding business, helping companies boost their online and offline presence to achieve industry leadership. Vanessa has guided many brands to become leaders in their fields. Vanessa is also celebrated for her skill in orchestrating large-scale nonprofit events and professional summits, showcasing her ability to manage significant projects and create inspiring, connective experiences. Her unique blend of regulatory expertise, entrepreneurial insight, event management skills, and medical knowledge allows Vanessa to make a substantial impact across various fields. Vanessa’s commitment to excellence and comprehensive understanding of her specialties mark her as a distinguished professional.

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Scott Stevens

Board Member


Scott is an employee benefits broker/consultant and trusted adviser helping employer organizations of all types reduce their health insurance and related employee benefits costs. Stevens has worked with thousands of organizations to implement alternative health insurance funding solutions, creative strategies, and employee educational tracts over a 35+ year period.

His career has included time as Vice President of Sales/Marketing for a national insurance company; co-founder and Executive Vice President of a Third Party Administrator (TPA), Founder of The HSA Toolkit (employer/employee education and sales system), and presently, an employee benefits broker/consultant managing a customer base which consists of over 20,000 employees.

Scott is a published author and frequent speaker addressing healthcare financing and delivery issues.


Kelli Lieurance
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Kelli Lieurance

Board Member

BS, JD.  

Kelli is a Partner in Baird Holm’s Labor and Employment Practice Group.  She is in her 18th year of practice, focusing on proactive, rather than just defensive, employment law compliance. While not in the healthcare field professionally, she has a personal interest in increasing the accessibility of conventional and alternative health options for all individuals.

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Jennifer Gregg

Board Member


Jennifer is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. A graduate of Arizona State University in Exercise Physiology, Jennifer holds numerous certifications and has made a significant impact across corporate, commercial, and private fitness sectors. With a rich career history that includes roles as Program Director for KeyCorp, Athletic Director of Cleveland Athletic Club, and Master Trainer for StairMaster in five countries, Jennifer has demonstrated her commitment to transforming healthcare. She has successfully managed million-dollar renovations, designed fitness centers, and collaborated with ConAgra on health coaching programs. Jennifer’s expertise as a personal trainer and health coach, combined with her passion for bridging the gap between Western medicine and alternative healthcare, makes her a valuable addition to our mission.

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Kelly Schroeder

Board Member

Dr. Kelly Schroeder, an Omaha native, attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. As the only female board-certified vein doctor in the greater Omaha area, she specializes exclusively in venous diseases and is a member of the American College of Phlebology. She founded VENUS Vein Clinic to address misconceptions about vein conditions and create a caring environment for patients. Dr. Schroeder, a working mother, is dedicated to helping her patients lead healthy, active lives.

Her motivation to join the Board of Directors for the Inspire Collaborative Health Association (ICHA) stems from her passion for health and wellness. She believes in a holistic approach to health, integrating body, mind, spirit, and energy. Dr. Schroeder manages three successful small businesses and emphasizes leadership, positivity, and high standards in business. She aims to support ICHA’s vision of uniting diverse health practices to achieve overall wellness and contribute her strengths to its growth and success.

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Damian De Rozairo

Board Member

Damian De Rozairo is a software architect and developer with over 30 years of experience in the Enterprise Payments sector, focusing on encryption and security. As the founder of Paxus, LLC, he developed technology that processes around 110 million banking transactions daily for numerous global banks. He is also the founder of V2Veriify a biometric Authentication solution provider.

 With 38 years in IT and 32 years as an entrepreneur, Damian offers extensive technical and business expertise. His passion for natural therapies, health, and well-being aligns with the mission of the Inspire Health Association. He aims to leverage his experience to help the non-profit reach and impact a broader audience.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Inspire Collaborative Health Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients. ICHA is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate in employment, recruitment, retention, advancement, compensation, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.